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"The industry is finally focusing its sustainability efforts on the consumer experience, authentic storytelling and stakeholder engagement that build long-term value." Read more from CR President Ira Baseman about the advancement of clothing recycling on Sustainable Brands website here 

Fall is officially here, and like me you’re probably going through your closet deciding which items you’ll keep or toss. I usually fill up my reusable containers and haul my unwanted things to a local thrift store. But this year I’ll save lots of time and recycle extra clothes, shoes and accessories right at my doorstep.Community Recycling (CR) is making easy for everyone to  …  Read more

And the #CRRoadtrip heads back home. A big thank you to #RILA, conference attendees and #Minneapolis for a wonderful experience and for supporting #sustainability

Great day at #greenfestphilly getting area #recyclers involved in the #ReuseMovement! #visitphilly #reduce #reuse #recycle #philly #greenphilly (at Headhouse Square, Olde City)

#ThrowBackThursday #recycling finds. #nintendo #n64 #atari #sega #pitfall #donkeykong #videogames #activision #gamer #tbt (at Community Recycling)

#crroadtrip is on #stsimons #island in #Georgia for the Georgia #Recycles Coalition’s #summer14 convention #surf #sand #sun #reusemovement

The #toys that can’t be #reused will be shipped out and be made into other things. #reduce #reuse #recycle #reusemovement (at Community Recycling)

Showing lots of @nationalpta #love around the office today. #pta #pta14 (at Community Recycling)

Thanks #girlscout #troop2376 from greater #Atlanta for #recycling your #shoes and supporting the #ReuseMovement! #solemate #recycle #reuse


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“I started the ShoeBox Recycling in 2012 for two reasons. They are to keep shoes out of our landfills and recycle them to people who could use them, and to also raise money for my cause which is to help homeless and abused dogs/cats. Since 2012 I have collected 1068 lbs. of shoes and raised $534 which was given to Burlington County Animal Alliance (BCAA) medical fund.

I would like to thank  ShoeBox Recycling for giving us a chance to understand the process of recycling and how important it is for the world.

Thanks again,

Donna [K.]”

Happy #christmasinjuly! #vintagetoys #toys #windmeup #santa #fisherprice #reuse #reusemovement #hohoho (at Community Recycling)

#collect4colin  ShoeBox Recycling fundraising event collected 57 boxes of  recycled shoes to benefit local teen with Leukemia.


Community Recycling processes over 50 tons of recycled clothes everyday. That’s why when recycler Kerry C. accidentally recycled her husband’s favorite college sweatshirt, she thought it was gone forever. But thanks to Community Recycling’s dedicated crew and our commitment to our recyclers, we not only found the sweatshirt, but may have also saved a marriage.

Here’s Kerry’s letter of amazement and gratitude written to Community Recycling president Ira Baseman:

Dear Mr. Baseman,
I wanted to make you aware of a recent experience that I had with your company.
I live in Alexandria, Virginia and frequently drop off clothes into the bin at the Delray Variety Store.  A few weeks ago, I dropped in a bag of clothes and when I returned home, I realized that I had accidentally put my husband’s favorite college sweatshirt into the bag.
Several days later, I was still thinking about the lost sweatshirt and decided by chance to call the number on the outside of the collection box to see if by any chance I could get something out of the box. I was given the number of Mr. Donald Quarlesin the Maryland office.  I called him and told him about the situation. He was very sympathetic after hearing about my problem, and checked to see if the clothes had been picked up in the past 2 days.  Unfortunately, the box had just been emptied the previous day.  I didn’t think that given the amount of clothes that must be in the warehouse, that there was any chance of finding the sweatshirt, but Donald asked for a description of the item, and the bag that it was in, and said he would do his best to try and locate it.  I was amazed and so so happy when he called me back and said that he had found the sweatshirt.  He e-mailed me a picture of it to make sure that it was the correct one and then he assured me that he would send it with the driver the next time that they went to the collection box in my neighborhood.  
A little over a week later, I got a phone call that the truck was on its way and that the sweatshirt could be left at the counter in the store for me to pick up. 
I am left in amazement of how kind Donald was and how he went out of his way to help me get back the piece of clothing.  Sadly, it is rare these days to actually even be able to speak to a live person on the phone, not to mention have someone as kind and helpful as Donald.
You are lucky to have him as an employee at Community Recycling.
With thanks and appreciation,
Kerry C.

In celebration of World Art Day, here is one of our favorite pieces of modern art: Venus of the Rags by Michelangelo Pistoletto. For more information about this piece visit